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Peer-Reviewed Publications

9. D. Zhu, AJ. Schieferecke, PA. Lopez, DV. Schaffer (2021). Adeno-associated virus vector for central nervous system gene therapy. Trends in Molecular Medicine. Vol 27 (6), p524-537. (Featured as journal cover and Trends talk) 

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8. D. Zhu*, D. Brookes*, A. Busia, et al., J. Listgarten, D.V. Schaffer (2021). Machine learning-based library design improves packaging and diversity of adeno-associated virus (AAV) libraries. Biorxiv/PNAS (in revision). 

6. D. Zhu*, E. Liu*, E. Gonzalez Diaz, X. Tong, F. Yang (2020). Gradient hydrogels for optimizing niche cues to enhance cell-based cartilage regeneration. Tissue Eng Part A. Vol 27 (13-14), p929-939. 


4. D. Zhu*, H. Wang*, P. Trinh, S. Heilshorn, & F. Yang (2017). Elastin-like Protein-Hyaluronic acid (ELP-HA) Hydrogels with Decoupled Mechanical Property and Polymer Composition for Cartilage Formation. Biomaterials. Vol 127, p132-140. 


3. D. Zhu, X. Tong, P. Trinh, J. Lai, & F. Yang (2017). Mimicking Cartilage Tissue Zonal Organization by Engineering Tissue-scale Gradient Hydrogels as 3D Cell Niche. Tissue Eng Part A. Vol 24 (1-2), p1-10. (Highlight in EurekAlert News!) 

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2. H. Wang, D. Zhu, L. Cai, S. Heilshorn, & F. Yang (2017). Covalently adaptable elastin-like protein-hyaluronic acid (ELP-HA) hybrid hydrogels with secondary thermoresponsive crosslinking for injectable stem cell delivery. Advanced Functional Materials.  Vol 27, Issue 28, 1605609 (Featured as journal cover) 


1. D. Zhu, D. Brookes, J. Listgarten, DV. Schaffer (2021). Improving Packaging and Diversity of AAV Libraries with Machine Learning. U.S. Provisional Patent. No. 17/453,068. 

2. D. Zhu, G. Schmunk, TJ. Nowakowski, DV. Schaffer Adeno-associated virus virions and methods of use thereof. US Patent No. 63, 094,820

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